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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> focused on people. breaking news tonight on wral new ons on fox 50. the search for a north carolina girl missing for years is now over. new details on the deadly train crash flood warning remains in effect until 10:15. thanks for joining us. that threat of flooding is causing a number of closing and delays for tomorrow already. the schools will be closed
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delay. you can see the list of the delays. they are checking on people today. adam owens is out there tonight, adam, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: right on the line with the the spring lake town limits. you can see here in front of me the are water that rolled over this roadway, this bridge here, deposited all of the sand and seeing the light here you can see there is a lot of debris. a lot of limbs caught up in the side of the bridge and the water level over there off of the edge of the bridge is still very high. water levels are still high throughout this area tonight. a lot of people are keeping a close eye on the weather radar
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could only make things worse. >> fast running. it is awesome. >> reporter: when the creek started rising emergency workers went house to house. >> knocking on doors, giving them the option to leave. >> reporter: a lot of the water came from creek state park. floodwater cut a hole in the damn holding back a massive lake. this is what things looked like a few hours before >> the mayor hopes the dam holds. if not rushing water can take the homes. >> if we lose more trees that are holding the earth it is going to really, you know, create an impact for some of the folks downstream. again you see a tphaes we have here left by the floodwaters. again, clearly, the water is no longer here. starting to recede. youville people downstream that are effected as well. we were in hope mills, the town
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evening. at that point they had 3 different streets they had closed for similar reasons. this one was closed as well. the police are asking everyone to stay home tonight if you can. back to you. >> adam, thank you. >> enough people were displaced that they opened a shelter for flood victims. the red cross is operating a shelter at spring lake recreation center oning ruth street. they are keep egg close eye on the dam and the upchurch. both of the dams have a history of failure. early it this morning water spilled over the banks of beaver creek. 5 families that live in hollywood heights had to be rescued by boat. we have just learned that more county schools delaying start time by two hours. >> that is because we have more chances of rain. a small chance but on top of what we had it will be a big problem. >> yeah, it is a good thing we have not seen much in the way of rained today.
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a little bit. take a look at the radar view. we did not see the big rain materialize in the afternoon. heading farther south. hoke county, sampson county. those are warnings in effect for dam breeches. that is in the creek state park that is just north of spring lake north there. you see falcon that is where the lake is. that overtops and the dam does breakwater c and make its way to i-95. the water overtopping the dam and so far it is holding. of the other to the west of hope mills that is for rock fish at the lake. it has potential to breech but has not so far. some of the most severe effected was a tornado warning earlier this evening. now showing you what is happening on future cast. daybreak. clouds could develop, fog for
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commute and tomorrow. there is a small chance for spotty showers. the good news, don't think we will see more rain that will bring on more flooding. in the days ahead we will continue to see the water go down. the good news is it stays driveway in the woke end. how about next week? we will talk about that. >> okay. mike, thank you. >> this is the new life center. it has been here at this location for two years -frp the pastor says the church just paid off all of its debt on the building. now, water covers the floors and food stored inside of the pantry is ruined. the little river runs near the church. here it engolfed the bridge and will likely keep it closed for a few days. -- engulfed the bridge and
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a few days. floodwater came from the swal enanderson creek. now, later in the newscast we will take you there where flooding washed out a road cutting out an entire community. download the latest version of the weather ap p. available for apple and an droid users and will give you realtime updates for the weather situation wherever you are. breaking news in a case wral has years. the remains of a little girl have been found. we have details on where those remains were discovered. >> reporter: lynda there was a gasp in the news room when it broke. erica parsons. reported missed by a family member it in 2015. they said she had not been seen since 2011. the fbi reports schedule to remains were discovered outside of wayne county after agents and deputies followed up on new leads.
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state medical examiner's office where they were identified as parsons. again, the last timerricca parsons was seen in november 2011 when she was just 13 years old. erica's adoptive parents say the girl went to stay with relatives in the asheville area and not seen her since. sheriff investigators determined that information was not true. sandy and casey parsons are serving prison sentences for fraud charges related to the disa porance of erica. sandy parsons was 43 fraud charges at a federal trial in october 2014 and casey parsons pled guilty earlier that same month. according to the fbi a press conference will be held next week. at that time we could find out about more charges against the adoptive parents. >> a sad case for so many years, thank you.
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passenger train trying to figure out what caused a dead low crash this morning in new jersey. the passengers say the commuter train never slowed down as it approached the station at 8:45 this morning. the train crashed through a barrier, jumped the tracks and went through the air before slamming into a wall. a 34-year-old woman was hit by debris on the platform and killed. she has been identified. more than 100 others hurt. the cooperating. we will hear from survivors and witnesses of that crash. charlotte police today released the recording of the first 911 call after the shooting of keith scott. >> he was a black man. >> okay. >> yes. >> okay so do you need police or no? >> medic. >> no, they are here. >> calling to release as much video as public. the chief was ready to release the dash camera and officer
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stopped him when they took over the case. some called the chief to step down for the way he handled the scott investigation. >> i am not going to meet everybody's standard and that is okay. i have to do to my core that is the right thing do. >> the city can fire him but he will not quit his job. a tentative date has been set for the trial of alan artist, a football player accused of sex low assaulting a fee pail student. artist had a court appearance today. the with her lawyer and district attorney. in a news conference two weeks ago she said artist raped her the night of february 14th, valentine's day. after being frustrated of the base of the investigation robinson filed charges against him. artist's lawyer said he was forced to come forward and defend himself saying he has been unfairly crucified. >> we have a mug shot of a young black man athlete so how do you think people are feeling
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of course they are condeming him in their minds. >> he says the sex was consentule. quote show -- condemning him in their phoeupbds. >> -- their minds. >> he says consentual. almost here. going over the edge tomorrow, noon, be there. all for special limpics. i am repelling. the plan was to do -- olympics. i am repelling off of the building. two others have done it in the past. you can watch me live on wral's noon news tomorrow. show your support by donates to
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page on wral. love to have your support and see you at noon. >> how were you prepared last year and when it did not come through what was it? >> a big let down. i was excited to do it. i was thrilled to learn i would do it this year. it will be tomorrow. >> are you ready? >> oh, yeah. the government wants you to turn to your cell phone during an emergency. getting you as much information as soon as possible. >> the golf fan that proved that coming up. [music] next, we jam with blue grass
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sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. tices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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the fcc wants stronger current 90 checking account limit. the officials will have links in messages. an alert that went out in new york after during the search of bombing it had a phrase see media for pick rather than a link. and rechoirs cell phone
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the blue grass festival is coming. >> unique aspect of the festival is jam sessions to break out just about anywhere. ken smith has more on one of those unplanned concerts. >> reporter: blue grass music. it is toe-tapping, picking, good old fun. >> it releases all of the happy endorphins and quite often those happy aiam session. blue grass musicians, making music together. >> you can put a bunch of hem in a room. someone will -- in a room and someone will play a toon and they know the cord we will work with it. that is what make blue grass, to me, so amazing. >> you don't know any of these guys? >> no, just met them. >> you are just jamming?
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>> yes. arrived last night. >> reporter: jam sessions can break out just about anywhere in the corners of motels. [music] or outside, the stage, the sidewalk. with a captive and an audience. >> waiting for everyone to play. [music] >> reporter: for is portal for blue grass. >> enjoying it. just meeting people. all ages and all kinds of -- very nice. [ laughter ] >> talk about a melting pot. a that was ken smith reporting. the best in the -- the best of the best in blue grass shined at the performing arts. [music]
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boys" opened up the show at the blue grass music awards. they recognize entertainers of the year it in blue grass music. becky bullard won female vocalist and danny paisley won for best vocalist of the year. al roker is here for a live broadcast for "today" tomorrow morning. he said what you can do to >> bring -- a certain sign? >> bring cute babies. >> bring cute babies. that is always a sure fire way to get on. [ laughter ] >> bring a cute baby. don't take any that don't belong to you. but bring a cute baby. >> we will have to dress someone up as a cute baby, maybe. join us live at 6:00 a.m. with al and elizabeth on wral news and al will be live on "today". >> if you have the young ones out there early. still get to school on time.
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8:00 or 9:00. >> yes. what a cool experience to tell all of their friends. >> yeah. >> make your signs, a good way moo show enthusiasm so people know what we are about. >> yes. a great place to visit. >> and the weather looks good for the morning. clouds and perhaps fog to start the day and a small chance for showers. i think we will be okay. elizabeth will tell you all about it tomorrow morning at 4:30. let's check out our weather stories. a quieter night. this time last night we are thunderstorm warnings, rain, a quieter night, low clouds, fog can form. in fact, the cloud cover is developing out there right now. wide open blue grass as we just mentioned. we could dodge showers material. we saw that on future cast. and matthew is now a hurricane. now, some of the models i looked at have it strengthening to a major hurricane.
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evening. the first concert kicking off at 11:00 in the morning. a small chance for a shower. dry at 10:00 with about 70 degrees. overall, not bad. we are seeing clouds out there. when i came in from dinner at 8:00. clear. now, overcast. now, this is our garden camera. 79. mostly cloudy. the dew point it is at very, very muggy. the temperatures are in the 70s. looking off to the west it is cooling down. 56 at asheville and boone. the measure of the atmosphere. the air is drier off to the west. we are stuck in the moist air. i think we are going to keep the moist air for the next several days. so, there is no way i don't really see this driveway air coming in because the front that should arrive should dissipate and the dry air does
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in the area producing lows. now, what we do have, a lost is an area of low pressure in the atmosphere. you can see it right about here. for us we have a moist flow of air coming in off of the atlantic in the lost. so, as long as we have the flow we can not rule out showers. getting in the weekend. more southwesterly. so, drying out just a bit. the focus of the heavier rain tonight is up in the high country and over the northern foothills. especially up towards the ohio valley. temperature wise, cooling down. 50s and 60s 54 at nashville, 1010 right now. 60 in cincinnati. this is where the drier air is. take a lock at future cast. go -- take a look at future cast. asheville in the 40s to start the day. for us, lower to middle 70s at lunchtime. lower 80s tomorrow afternoon. starting off in the morning on saturday with 63, 64. 40s again for asheville. boy, look how close that cool air is. it will never get here in the next several days. during the day on saturday, future cast in the 70s, keep it
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overnight, small chance of shower, clouds, perhaps fog forming, 66 in fayetteville. the fitness forecast, khroeud. cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, highs in the lower to middle 80s, partly cloudy. spotty showers, more confined to the coastal plain and the triangle. lesser chance off to the west. 7 day forecast, warm in the weekend. 85 on sunday where is that fall air is? we have 70s for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and the forecast down the road for wednesday and thursday will be dictated by the movement of matthew. some models have it close to north carolina. we will talk about that coming up in weather desk top. >> nothing changed. >> it could. something we need to watch. >> okay. keep it off shore. we will talk about it later, thank you. the images have been incredible. not only from the ground but from the sky.
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flooding courtesy of i-5. >> we have the best. competition has not started. there are many interesting interviewed at nc state hold my calls, clear my calander and for lunch. (knocking on window) open-faced turkey sandwich, half white, half wheat with extra crispy bacon. ma'am there's a man. there's a "calandar man." ma'am turn around! wait, wait, wait. just wanted to swing on by and let you know that new
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all clear on the edge elegibility. all they can do is wait. the wait is over for dennis smith. the guard receives high praise from his coach and his teammates today. we report from the wolf pack's media day. >> the height machine surrounding dennis smith jr knows no borders. >> i have gone all over the planet. when i say that i coach state people ask me about denis smith. >> reporter: mark's typical response. believe it. >> i will stand in front of you and say i think smith is the best guard in the country. period, hands down. that is my opinion. legitimately, realistically the kind of player with a great year that could be the number one pick in the draft. >> high praise to put on the
10:26 pm
graduating class. >> i want want to say no pressure at all. i expect to do well. i expect my team to do well. they expect the same thing out of me. they want me to go out and perform. >> the best point guard i played with personally. his personality is off of the charts. >> reporter: the wheels on the machine turning. will it crank prospect, players and coach believe in. the pack prototypes unavailing will be on november 11th when state opens the regular season against georgia southern. >> ryder cup competition begins. the opening ceremony was today. pairings announced by the american captain and former unc
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clark. phil mickelson and ricky fowler against rory and sullivan. dustin johnson and matt kutcher against lesswood and ryder cup action is saturday morning and sunday noon to 6:00. during the european practice some of the players were having a hard time. so an american player was giving had him grieve. so they brought out the heckler entice johnson to take the putt. so, all he has to do is take it and make it. oh! >> yeah. >> major-winning doubles in pump and he is a legend now. plus $100 richer. >> he will never stop heckling now. >> he may not be able to anymore. that is the ultimate call out
10:28 pm
i will take your $100. >> he told justin rose you can keep that. no you earned it. out there, you know, and there it is. >> yes. >> you can't putt. >> yes. >> if they did not get it on camera nobody would of believed him. >> yes. rory got it ons his phone and tweet today out. it went crazy. >> oh that is awesome. >> thank you, jeff. all right. now, after 40 ye driver put it in park for good. still to come, we are there for his send off. the message from a fire man.
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?? ?? ?? ?? know you can save today
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this has seen accidents and terrorist attacks i just want to give a tribute of the people of the new york/new jersey region. we are now truly resilient folks. new jersey state leaders commented about the transit crash. >> worry hearing from those who lived through it. >> there was a loud bang. just seemed like it did not stop and then the lights went
10:32 pm
>> reporter: stories from passengers aboard that new jersey transit train. >> i did not feel or hear anything. the only thing that that i felt was the feeling of my car going off of the track. >> reporter: victims described the chaos and confusion of their morning commute as those with less serious injuries were discharged from the local trauma center. >> just this impact. it sounded like an explosion and we were stunned. and our car was when we got out the car behind us was still straight on the track. >> our cell phones flew out of our hands. nobody retrieved them. all of my -- my glasses came off of my face. i have no idea they are in there somewhere. >> reporter: a witness heard the impact of the crash and rushed over to help. >> it sounded like a bomb went off. like it was really loud. the train just flew in and never stop stphod me and
10:33 pm
then the cops got there. >> reporter: 100 people were taken to the hospital. most arriving at jersey medical center. the staff set up treating large numbers of people. >> the trauma center we have surgeons all here on board in the house looking at our patients as mr. scott said there are three serious patients with injuries, lacerations. >> reporter: hospital officials say none of the remaining injuries are life- threatening. >> the engine has been released from the hospital. newjersey governor says he is cooperating with the investigators. stories of heroism is are coming out 24 hours after a shooting of an elementary school. a 30 year veteran firefighter was identified as the first responder who confronted and took down the young gunman. in a statement he said the true heroes were the elementary's school's principal and the
10:34 pm
the loin to protect their students and asked for prayers for the victims and comrades who witnessed what should never be witnessed and assisted alongside without he'station. new details came out about those involved in the shooting. the investigators say jesses on bourn killed his father before going to the school. the 14-year-old encounter first grade teacher who was about to take the children out to the playground. he fired as they retreated back hit along with two students. one boy remains in critical condition. lieutenant and sergeant were stabbed. two officers were beaten with a broom handle. 3 schools were put on lockdown as they found a man sleeping on a school bus. after about a 40 minute chase
10:35 pm
in a neighborhood off of 6 forks road. students are not on the bus. jones is charged with breaking and entering and resisting arrest. he is being investigated for possibly breaking into a nearby home. investigators interviewed an 11- year-old girl today to find on out why she disappeared. she was found last night in a wooded area near her home after a search involving hundreds of law enforcement officers. she was reported missing tuesday. neighbors say the girl missed several da o parents were were not notified about the absences. the police chief says that is because she cloned her parent's e-mail a couldn't and messaged -- parent's e-mail and messaged the school she would be absent. >> giles drove a bus for the last time. better known as pops. he has driven a bus for the city of raleigh for 47 years.
10:36 pm
back in 1969. he says his last ride was a good one. >> it was quite an experience. i had a few people that i don't usually have on there and i enjoyed my last ride and i am happy. >> he says after retire oning he ands his wife will be taking a second honeymoon to the mediterranean. congratulations. buy a bracelet for a good cause. the power of pink. for the month of octobe storage streets at south point will donate a portion of the proceeds to the foundation and the sister's network. debra morgan there was for the preview. a bbq smoke off was billed as not your grand dad's competition. some employees showcased their culinary skills. enteams -- 10 teams. all about the science of cooking. yes, the competition gave the
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analytics for their perfectly smoked meats. the five judges had a tough decision. >> boy that looks good. >> i would of hated to have been a judge for that. >> that is why you didn't do it. [ laughter ] >> it is official. super bowl has the halftime performer. >> we will have the z24qjz zvpz
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lady gaga will be taking the stage february 5th for the pepsi 0 sugar bowl halftime show. that will be in houston. you can watch all of the entertainment and on fox 50. miley cyrus speaking out against disney she accused them of taking advantage of her. she was the star but she was
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warner brothers is releasing three of prince's movies on blueray. how does a triple date with matt damon, ben affleck and tom brady? they are raising money for charity. the biggest prize is a pizza night with the guys in boston where you can talk about football and the movies. time for a look at what is >> i would -- >> yeah. i would like to be a fly on the wall, you know. [ laughter ] >> what an experience that would be. my goodness. okay sometimes who is man's best friend. >> dog. >> well ... they have competition. >> really? >> look. [music] >> oh, i have seen this. so funny. >> isn't he cute? >> it is a baby roo? >> yes. how sweet.
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he goes everywhere with him. he takes all of these cute videos. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> who doesn't want a baby kangaroo. i don't need anymore pets but i would love one of those. >> yes. i am sure he is popular. damian. >> yes. just adorable. >> let's say hi, what a cutie. from one cute pet to another. this cat t it is steve. steve the cat. when few weeks old steve was put with the lamb and he sort of grew up with him. so, steve spends all of his time with the lambs. >> he thinks he is a lamb. >> he thinks he is one of them. hangs out with them. does whatever with them. i he has learned they chew hard. >> yes. that is why he is pulling away. lock at that. >> he is trying to eat what
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vegetation. >> give it up look at that face. [ laughter ] >> yes. he is planning something. >> he can not blend in. [ laughter ] >> that is hard. as hard as he tries. i have links on the facebook page if you want to see those. we have been following severe flooding all day. so many roads closed we took to the sky to see what is happening. a tour from sky 5 coming up, miking? >> we have matthew. a hurricane, named hurricane
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the most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. find a doctor at with all of the rain overnight, the roads were more passible today. they took tours of the hardest hit areas. starts in harnett county. we found thompson road, laid bare, a pick up truck once stuck here was towed out. utility trucks like ships, brown water surrounded new life worship church, same story for a nearby home revealing a carport better suited for boats.
10:47 pm
not far from pope airfield. fast-moving water rushed out, looking for other places to flood. moving on into fayetteville. the pharmacy and the surrounding neighbors found themselves soaked. men in boats pulled cables in the parking lot. the sheriff's car will not be responding any time soon. swallowed boy water. finally sky 5 went into hoak county. making it impassable. the bar and grill had more to deal with now, leaving the rush bar. a major sinkhole hit the whole area. >> last night's rain caused a bridge to collapse. making it impossible for the streets 100 residents to drive in or out. not only that the neighborhood is also cut off from emergency services. a private road. homeownersville to foot the $30,000 bill to fix it.
10:48 pm
have. now, late today, the north carolina forest service said it would lend the community a bridge to put over the hole as a temporary measure. threat of flooding is causing a number of closings and delays we will go over it with you one more time. the schools will be closed tomorrow. the schools are on a 2-hour delay and moore county schools are delayed 2 hours. i think that is optional teacher workday if i am not mistaken. the rain subsided quite >> yes, a major break. a small chance of rain tomorrow. not causing problems. there is still the warnings that are for the dams and roads lake and around broodfish. now, i will look at video. it is cool. the waterspout over the lake. i believe we have that. it is a waterspout with a rainbow. how cool is this.
10:49 pm
>> beautiful. right optics. the sun hitting, the falling rain, the right occasion. you have the waterspout over the lake there.
10:50 pm
the weekend. crossing perhaps between jamaica and haiti and crossing over towards the bay and cuba and eventually heading into the bahamas. some of the models have it as a category 3 or a 4 storm down the road. once it is passed cuba. well is north carolina. atlantic should steer it up to the north. that is why it is expected to the north heading to the north. we have been showing the models for days. these are 48 computer models showing where it could go. there is more where it will make the right turn, across cuba and then getting to the end of the period there is a little bit of a difference. now, this is not set in stone. we have seen some models from the european that have it in the gulf, florida, georgia, at
10:51 pm
next several days. as we go through the weekend it should effect jamaica or cuba and perhaps others. again, this is one we will watch closely. so, outlook for next 7 days, plenty of heat. 82 for the high tomorrow. small chance for showers. dry over the weekend. dries in the 80s. western north carolina, could be in the 40s. so a mazing how close that cooler air is and ne the movement of matthew. cooler, windy, wetter, depends where it goes. >> thank you, mike. he went to watch a soccer game and ended up in the hospital. >> still ahead. the surprise discovery that the doctors made that made a when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. if you love food, there great events you might be interested in. including this bbq championship. this year the champion will be crowned at the blue grass festival. judging is at 1:00 after judging is finished the winning bbq will be chopped up and sold for lunch next to the convention center. for those carb lovers check out the macaroni and cheese throw down. it is held at the relish cafe and bar on saturday.
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enjoy live music from the magic pipers. photo booth, ravels and more. ticket dollars tick -- tickets $45. >> that is a great thing. he was hit on the head with a ball before a match. soccer fan in denmark said that actually saved his life. the man collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. get this. the doctors discovered he had a they were able to remove it before it was too late so that hit to the head, actually a blessing. >> yeah. the u.s. olympic and paraolympic delegations were honored at the white house today. president barack obama praised the athlites accomplishments that included more than 80 gold medals and thanked them for their courage and passion saying it inspires all of us to do our best. the delegations presented to the president and first lady with surf boards.
10:56 pm
the first time in 2020. a really cool record attempt in austria. >> reporter: the longest swing in the world. daredevils dropped out of hot air balloons on giant swings 400 feet in the air and parparachuted off and floated to the ground. they are waiting for approval. >> that is really close to the ground until you chute. >> they are daredevils. >> yes. your view will be like that tomorrow when you go over the edge. [ laughter ] >> hopefully a little slower. [ laughter ] >> can you wear a parachute at 30 stories? >> i am wrapping myself in
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington
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>> amanda knox. >> i feel like it's my turn now. >> either i'm a psycho path or i -- >> finally free and clear. so why is amanda knox revisiting the horrific events that took one life and changed her own forever? i'm natalie morales. as it turns out, amanda says she's got a very good reason. >> did you >> now my attention is turning towards -- >> britney opens up about her worst decade. does she have a pay-back plan for this? >> please don't embarrass me. >> kate hudson's looking for love. i'm kit who have beener. wait till you hear how she feels about brad pitt. >> 16 years in the biz, i've heard it all. >> fat-shaming at the forefront once again thanks to the debate. i'm scott evans stepping in the


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